As one of the UK’s top research universities, Edinburgh is home to world-class centres of excellence, undertaking a wide range of complementary research across a wide range of sectors. Within these centres, some of the most sophisticated analytical and testing facilities in the world are available for access by organisations. Further support is available from experienced technical and research staff within these facilities, who can provide a comprehensive and accurate interpretation of data that enable companies to implement the results within their organisation.

The University facilities are available for companies to use for both one off projects on a consultancy basis, or as part of a longer term research project, depending on the individual company requirements. We will work with you to identify the most cost effective solution for the particular project. As turnaround time is usually critical, the University’s services are arranged around a simple consultancy agreement and an agreed daily rate.

The Rushbrook Fire Laboratories are the BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering’s principal laboratories for fire experiments. They are home to several pieces of fire testing hardware, including:

  • Cone Calorimeter
  • FM Global Fire Propagation Apparatus
  • 0 MegaWatt Furniture Calorimeter
  • Heat-Transfer Rate Inducing System (H-TRIS)
  • Instron 600LX Materials Testing Frame with Integrated Thermal Chamber
  • Various reaction-to-fire testing rigs, including flame spread, heat release rates, smoke toxicity and density, etc.
  • Materials Surface Profilometry, Surface texture and roughness measurements
  • Nano/Micro/Mesomechanics of materials measurements (static and dynamic)
  • Friction, wear and adhesion measurements
  • Coatings preparation and characterisation
  • High-headroom lab for testing large (full-scale) and unusual innovative structural assemblies up to loads exceeding 2000kN
  • Strong floor and reaction frame systems give great versatility in the types of testing that is possible
  • State of the art Instron multi-axis actuator system for applying two independent loads under precise computer control
  • Static, dynamic, and fatigue loading scenarios
  • Strength tests on timber, aluminium, concrete and steel specimens
  • Shear-friction tests on masonry
  • Creep tests at elevated temperatures
  • Various standard and adhoc tests on materials and structural elements, and structural systems at both ambient and elevated temperatures
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Impact echo equipment
  • Ability to add cyclic and static loads to structures
  • Bulk solid testing in structures including accelerometers, strain gauge measurements.
  • High speed data acquisition systems
  • An inventory of displacement, load, temperature and strain instrumentation.
  • Digital image correlation for strain and displacement measurement
  • Structural health monitoring equipment