We welcome opportunities to collaborate with the construction industry on large and small projects.
Funding for projects with the University of Edinburgh may be available.

A bespoke consultancy carried out by University staff can help solve practical challenges in your business.

With over 3,000 academic experts undertaking research in a wide range of disciplines, the University of Edinburgh can offer access to skills, knowledge, expertise and cutting edge facilities that are costly to bring in-house. The University’s academic expertise is sourced and valued by organisations around the world ranging from small and medium size companies to multinational organisations, governments and international development agencies. These world-class academic consultants can provide a short-term, flexible, high-value resource to help solve the intellectual and practical challenges posed by industry and government.

University Consultancy has an excellent track record of working with organisations to find cost effective solutions to the challenges companies face. Our experienced team work closely with companies to understand the individual requirements and then identify the best academic expert or facility in the University to deliver the project needs.

Companies may choose to use the consultancy services on a one off basis or as part of a longer term project to increase their competitiveness. The service is designed to be flexible and wide ranging enabling companies to exploit new market opportunities to their advantage. From consultancy based on advice and opinion or assistance with laboratory based testing and analysis, strategic planning or proof-of-principle testing of new and emerging technologies, whatever the individual company requirements, we will identify the academic expertise which best fits the project.

Sponsored research can be used to address a particular company challenge or to develop new ideas for future products.

Such collaborations in research and development can fill knowledge gaps within a company and can provide access to the University’s research expertise and cutting edge facilities, reducing the need for companies to invest in in-house facilities which may not be required long term.

Research projects are flexible in nature and can last from three months to five years depending on the topic being covered. As a cost effective alternative to building in-house capability, collaborative research provides not only the opportunity to develop new products and services but also longer term strategic relationships.

Research seminars on your topic of choice

Our students are able to undertake projects in collaboration with industry, offering practical significance to the construction industry.  The subject and research aims of these student projects can be suggested by the companies approaching the University.



Student interns can work with you on a topic of your choice.

SMEs may be eligible for 50% match-funding for this through the Santander Universities SME Internship Programme.

Continuous investment in the latest technologies means the University is uniquely positioned to help you in devising solutions for today’s business issues.

Our centres of excellence contain world-class sophisticated analytical and testing facilities that are available for access by organisations. Practical support and data interpretation are available from experienced technical and research staff.

PhD students working full time on a topic of your choice with joint supervision by the University of Edinburgh and the industry supervisor.

In some cases some match funding may be available from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC).

The Careers Service exists to connect employers with some of the best student and graduate talent in the country.

Edinburgh University students stand out in the graduate market thanks to a combination of high level academic attainment, a comprehensive knowledge base, and practical skills that are developed through both varied work experience and active involvement in extra-curricular activities. We offer a number of ways to help you raise your profile at the University, support our students’ employability and recruit our students and graduates:

  • Free consultancy service for employers
  • Free vacancy advertising
  • Internship support
  • Career Fairs targeting students throughout the year
  • Book space at the University to meet our students
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Reach students via targeted emails

Get in touch through the Careers Service website: http://www.ed.ac.uk/careers/employers/